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EYES OF VENGEANCE by Marilyn Spanier
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    EYES OF VENGEANCE is my paranormal murder mystery. Please check it out at the link above. I've been getting great feedback about my novel.  At the moment, the e-book is $9.99. It is also in print for $21.95. I would love it if you would leave a review on Amazon if you purchase my novel, Eyes Of Vengeance. Also if you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free

    ISBN: 978-07414-6318-0

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  1. I read this book from cover to cover very quickly. I enjoyed the story and the characters very much. The author kept me quessing. I highly recommend this book.

     2.  5 out of 5 stars  
    This Is A Riveting Suspensful Novel Which Always Keeps You Guessing
    This is a riveting suspensful novel which always keeps you guessing. The characters are warm and sympathetic making you care very much what happens to them. The climax is a paranormal masterpeice. Read this book.                                                                                            
    Reviews on Amazon:
    David G Boston sr
    Reviewed on November 5, 2020
    I have just read Marilyn Spanier's latest novel Eyes of Vengence. It is a very engrossing book. The genre is unique. she keeps you guessing, just as a great writer would. Being in law enforcement for years, and having commanded a Detective Bureau, I found her mix of psychic and investigative procedures very different. She mixes the two concepts very well. I really enjoyed the book, a real page turner, shades of Patricia Cornwall.
    -David Boston-
    William Johnson III
    Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2020
    Once I got started on Eyes of Vengeance I did not want to put it down. It starts with the main character – a sensitive woman with an amazing talent – finding herself in the middle of mysterious, deadly events that test her ability to understand herself. She believes she is a good person, and the love that she inspires in the characters who know her tends to demonstrate that she’s right. But it is not that simple. Her growing awareness of what is actually happening around her – and her role making these things happen – compels her to make moral choices that would terrify just about anyone. The novel honors of the great tradition of the climactic courtroom showdown. A trial brings the truth to light – but not in the way lawyers and judges are trained to expect. Overall, an engaging read that I highly recommend.                      
    -William Johnson III-
    Donna Lee
    Reviewed on January 1, 2021
    Marilyn Spanier is superb at describing the characters, scenarios, and emotional connections in this mysterious story that will have you guessing what happens next. Wonderful escape into a world I am totally not familiar with.
    Highly recommended and look forward to Ms. Spanier’s next book!
    -Donna Lee-
    Paul Pelagalli
    Reviewed on November 7, 2020
    Eyes Of Vengeance is a thriller that had me from page 1. The storyline was expertly developed. The characters were developed in great detail. Although supernatural, the plot was compelling and believable. I look forward to Marilyn Spanier’s next novel. Hopefully she will have another novel with Liz Jameson.
    -Paul Pelagalli-
    Reviewed on December 11, 2020
    Too wild a story. Introduction of sex was a joke as if added it would make the story more i treating. Had trouble finishing it.                             
    Reviewed on January 11, 2021
    I loved Eyes of Vengeance. This novel kept my attention cover to cover. It is the kind of book that stays with you well after you finished reading it. The twists and turns kept you guessing until the very surprising ending.

    Marilyn Spanier is a gifted writer. Buy this novel, you will not be disappointed
    Amazon Customer
    Reviewed on January 2, 2021
    This is a page-turner mystery with a surprising twist as our fascinating protagonist
    resolves her most frightening reality and greatest mystery yet.

    It would make a great film with an academy-award-winning role for an actress.
    -Amazon Customer-                                                                                                                                                       
    Reviewed on November 18, 2020
    This book has tons of unusual criminals and victims. Liz Jameson, is a strong female psychic working with Police. Follow Liz throughout this well-written page turner as she soon finds herself trapped in a web of mounting paranormal episodes. Grab some coffee and a comfy blanket as this book will take you to an ominous world. I highly recommend!



Strangers In The Night

TRUE ROMANCE Magazine    (Book Review)

By  Marilyn  Spanier

 American singer Kelly Winter ventures to Spain to perform at a jazz club in Madrid. On her first night performing, she meets a beautiful and sexy man named Roberto Romano. It doesn't take long for Kelly to fall in love with this man, but Roberto is a womanizer. As Kelly tries to win Roberto's love, she is faced with another, more serious, battle---the battle for her life. This novel touches on the importance of life, love, honesty, and strrengt h---it is a novel with more than romance, it is a novel with heart.


 STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT                (ISBN No. 1-4208-5666-9)

Kelly Winter is an American singer currently in Madrid singing at a friend’s club. The first time she sees Roberto Romano, Kelly knows she’s in danger of losing her heart. Roberto is sexy, good looking and it’s so clear to Kelly that he’s a womanizer. Every time she sees him, he’s with another woman. Even schoolgirls get weak in the knees whenever Roberto is around. Kelly tries to hide her jealousy and accept that she and Roberto will only be just friends. However Roberto isn't making that easy. All he has to do is look at her and Kelly yearns for all that can’t be. After her last disastrous relationship, Kelly can’t trust herself. It’s even harder to trust in Roberto when different women are continually around him. When she returns home and faces a personal health scare, Kelly can’t help but re-evaluate her life; she begins to doubt if she can have a future with Roberto after all.

Strangers in the Night is a sweet love story that readers are sure to enjoy. Both characters are likeable and realistic. Kelly is the type of heroine that has made mistakes in the past, but is striving not repeat those mistakes. She handles her health crisis in a remarkable way. It’s actually refreshing to read such a rational human response. Kelly allows herself to feel self-pity and rage against what is happening to her, and then she rallies herself for the fight for her life. The book has a good premise and I liked the story. Marilyn Spanier is a new to me author, but I look forward to reading more of her books.
Reviewed by: Jaymi



STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT                 ISBN No. 1-4208-5666-9)

Under the Covers
By: Mike Ashworth

Strangers in the Night
By Marilyn Spanier
When the idea of reviewing a romance novel in this article was first proposed, I was a bit daunted. I'll admit that up to this point I have never actually read a romance novel. With no experience to build a valid opinion, this posed a serious concern. In the end two factors made me decide to go forward with it. The first reason was that the novel, Strangers in the Night, is very unique in that it is a romance novel, whose protagonist is dealing with breast cancer. I may not have much experience with romance, but neither my family nor my workplace has been lucky enough to dodge this ailment. The second factor was that the author, Marilyn Spanier, is coming to Scranton and was open to discussing her novel with me (she is an actress, who will be performing in the Northeast Theatre's production of Over the River and Through the Woods from October 19th to the 23rd at the Jermyn Hotel in Scranton). The first question I had was: "Why did you decide to incorporate the topic of breast cancer into a romance novel?"

This is what she had to say: "I always enjoyed writing short stories in school, but I had never thought about writing a novel at that time. My mother-in-law is an avid reader of the romance genre and she suggested that I write one. At that time, however, I was not a romance reader. My mother-in-law continued to nudge me until I said, 'Okay, loan me some of your books and I'll see.' Well, I got hooked. I knew that I could write them and I enjoyed the happy and loving endings. As to the cancer, I was diagnosed with Stage ll breast cancer when I was very young. Not much older than my 24-year-old heroine, Kelly. When a woman goes through breast cancer there are so many frightening thoughts and emotions that play havoc with her mind. 'Will I survive? .... How long will I survive?.... Why me?.. . Will anyone find me attractive again?... Will my husband/boyfriend still find me attractive?... Will they still love me?' It is such a terrifying time and also a very emotional and sometimes irrational time. When going through my cancer, I was lucky! I had married a wonderful man who made me feel attractive even when I lost my hair. But at the time, I would have loved to have had a romance novel like mine to help me through that awful time -- to give me courage and strength and the knowledge that I can and will survive and have a great love life as well. So I felt a strong need to write this novel. I felt that women need to empower themselves and to know that they can survive and live long, happy lives even after a cancer diagnosis. "

It was more than enough motivation to give her book a chance. In reading it, I found that there are two aspects of this book. There are the fantasy aspects. These include the protagonist being a young woman who meets a charming, handsome artist in the glamorous arts district of Madrid, Spain. They fall for each other, they face some far-flung challenges and end up in a happy ending. And then there are the inspirational aspects. The protagonist could have let herself fall into despair and given up, and she could have never gone back to Spain after the cancer treatments. I'll admit that it's clear the romantic fantasy elements were never intended for me to be in the audience. I'm sorry to say that romance still won't be my favorite genre. However, I can truly appreciate the inspirational side to this book. I found that I felt for Kelly and wanted things to work out for her. So in the end, I have to say I would definitely recommend this one to the ladies, but I don't think it will gain too many converts from the gents.

STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT    (ISBN No.  1-4208-5666-9)

Review from Barnes and

Jay R.  Reviewer

An Important and Alluring Novel

Strangers In The Night was a complete surprise for me. It was recommended to me by a close female friend as a different kind of romance novel. I, as a rule, do not like this genre, but this book was a totally new experience for me. I found it to be not only well written and interesting, but a totally inspiring example of the triumph of the human spirit. I recommend it very highly. Jay R.

STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT - "The first chapter starts out with a bang. It has such a forceful truth that I found myself immediately involved with the emotions you so clearly expressed. Marilyn, you always paint vivid pictures for the reader. Whether you were describing the mother, or the food on the tray that the other hospital patient ended up eating, my mind's eye could see it all so perfectly.  Then the way ou go to the flashback of Roberto flowed so beautifully -- after the letter was opened and read... that was just great. Then the story about how they met and all of the emotions involved with that were so real. By the end of the chapter I was definitely hooked. I am really looking forward to reading more."

Strangers In The Night  - "It's excellent. I loved it."

Strangers In The Night  -  "You describe the characters emotions and experiences so vividly that I feel like I'm right there experiencing everything with them. 

TRUE ROMANCE Magazine  (Review)

Strangers In The Night  by  Marilyn Spanier

"American singer Kelly Winter ventures to Spain to perform at a Jazz Club in Madrid. On her first night performing, she meets a beautiful and sexy man named Roberto Romano. It doesn't take long for Kelly to fall in loev with this man, but Roberto is a womanizer. As Kelly tries to win Roberto's love, she is faced with another more serious battle --- the battle for her life. This novel touches on the importance of life, love, honesty, and strength - it is a novel with more than romance, it is a novel with heart."




(ISBN No. 1-4208-5680-4)

Linda Mason is having dreams of being sacrificed by an ancient priest in a ceremonial service, after falling asleep on the summit of Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. She had been exhausted after her climb up the pyramid and decided a short nap would refresh her for her climb down. Linda slept for five hours and had to be rescued off the dark pyramid. Luckily, for her, her rescuer was the sexy Dr. Ricardo Del Campo.

Linda visits Dr. Del Campo to thank him and to ask him about her dreams. He gives her some sleeping pills and soon her dreams turn to the sexy doctor. She has fallen in love with the doctor but he seems to treat her with disdain. Will he ever return her feelings of love?

Linda is out sightseeing one afternoon when she discovers an ancient incense burner that she is very attached to. When she comes home from a weekend of sightseeing, Linda discovers her house was broken into and the incense burner is missing. Can Linda find the person responsible for the theft and survive the danger?

Dr. Del Campo dislikes Linda at first because she is American. His fiancé left him to run off with an American man many years before without a word to him and that left him with hard feelings towards all Americans. Dr. Del Campo gets to know Linda better and realizes how much he likes her and how unfair he had been by letting his prejudices get in the way.

Forever is a story of love, mystery and humor. Linda is an American, teaching conversational English at a Mexican University. She discovers that she had a past life that was cursed and needs to be resolved. There are a lot of secondary characters throughout this book that are too numerous to mention and several humorous moments. I enjoyed the love story, Mexican setting, and the descriptive landmarks.
Reviewed by: Tammy


FOREVER........                             (ISBN No. 1-4208-5680-4)

Romance Junkies

Title: Forever......

Category: Paranormal/Futuristic

Reviewer: Belle Rouge

Author: Marilyn Spanier

Publisher: Author House             ISBN Number: 1420856804

All American girl, Linda Madison is teaching Conversational English at a university in Mexico. On a site seeing trip to Teotihuacan, Linda falls asleep atop the Pyramid of the Sun and dreams that she was sacrificed to Tlaloc, God of Rain. Awakening from her nightmare, Linda finds the sun setting fast and knows that she will never be able to make it down the steep steps of the pyramid before dark. Less than half way down, Linda is forced to stop and scream for help.

Dr. Ricardo Del Campo and his friends hear Linda’s call for help and rescue the beautiful young American. Ricardo isn’t about to get involved with a spoiled tourist who will be leaving in a few months time. He has already lost one love to America. He won’t take a chance on losing his heart a second time.

Linda is instantly attracted to the arrogant Dr. Del Campo but even thoughts of him can’t keep away the nightmares she has been having, nightmares in which she is sacrificed to Aztec gods. When Linda finds an ancient artifact at another Aztec ruin, things get stranger still.

FOREVER is an intriguing book with a lush setting. Marilyn Spanier lets the reader catch a glimpse of the rich history of Mexico. Ms Spanier’s description of the ancient ruins and modern Mexican life make a perfect backdrop for her story. A touch of the paranormal and a hint of mystery make the pages fly by.

Linda is a level headed young lady who finds herself facing something that she is not sure she believes in. She is not only confused by dreams but by her instant attraction to Ricardo. Her inability to understand her body’s reaction to this arrogant alpha male makes her character believable. Linda’s joy in teaching and sorrow over losing her brother adds depth and dimension to a very likeable heroine.

The character of Ricardo is the definition of arrogance in his early interactions with Linda. When Ricardo decides to give his heart, he gives it fully and without reservations. Once you have won his love, you will have it for all time. As the two characters get to know each other, the heat between them is undeniable. The love scenes are tender and passionate but these two have a lot standing in the way of a happy ending. You will find yourself turning the pages with fingers crossed hoping everything will work out.

Snippet: Linda Madison is a level headed young lady who finds herself involved with an ancient curse. Ricardo is a doctor determined to keep his heart intact. When past and present collide, can love survive?


FOREVER........                               (ISBN No. 1-4208-5680-4)

Reviews from Barnes and

Judy G., a fan of good writing, November 7,& 2005, You will remember this book, 'Forever.
Forever is really good. I especially enjoyed reading it at night before falling asleep. Marilyn Spanier has written a scintillating book which holds the reader's interest from the first page to the last. Truly a wonderful story filled with romance, adventure, intrigue and more romance. It is written on a backdrop of some of Mexico's most beautiful and rarely seen cities and countryside. The author has a gift for evoking vivid, lifelike images in our mind's eye. All the characters are well defined and wherever the heroine is, we are there with her. This is a great story and it needs to get, 'Out there.' The book is fantastic.

Jay R., A reviewer, November 4, 2005,  Fantastic Page Turner
Not long ago, I read another novel by Marilyn Spanier entitled Strangers In The Night. After reading that, I knew I needed to read other novels by this author. Once again, I was not at all disappointed. On the contrary, Forever is a fascinating journey through the romantic and exotic land of Mexico. I found myself totally engrossed in this page turner and could not put it down. The authors use of a romantic relationship with two wonderful characters combined with the use of the paranormal was brilliant. You gotta read this one. Jay R.

More comments about Forever......

"FOREVER........" -- "FOREVER is really good. I like reading it at night before falling asleep. It's a scintillating book. It holds the readers interest for sure.... It is a great story and people need to read it. The book is fantastic."
"FOREVER........" -- I read your book, 'Forever' and found it fun and very readable. I think it would make a very good movie and I also think people will love it."

"FOREVER........" -- "I didn't get any sleep last night. I just had to continue reading to find out what was going to happen."


The Path Back To You


The Path Back To You

(ISBN No. 1-4241-5436-7)

    Adopted at the age of four, Sue Wolff enjoyed a normal childhood. Working as a secretary in an architectural firm, her life is turned upside down when she collides with the handsome widower, Bob Bentley, the owner of the company. Completely mesmerized by his charms, Sue falls head over heels in love with him, as well as with his precocious seven-year-old daughter, Elena. On a business trip to enchanting Japan, Sue’s passion heats to a feverish pitch, yet thorns prick at her heart as she realizes that Bob’s imminent engagement to socialite Constance Cummings makes any future with him an impossibility and that her love will never be returned. A touch of Wayne Dyer inspiration and unconditional love create an exciting conclusion, full of surprises and heartwarming realizations. The Path Back to You will fill your heart with joy and laughter and make you realize that all things are possible. A must-read!

It can be purchased by the Publisher, PUBLISH AMERICA at:

It can also be purchased online at: or
It can also be purchased at all bookstores.
If it is not on the shelf, the store will be pleased to personally order it for you.

THE PATH BACK TO YOU........              (ISBN No. 1-4241-5436-7)

A heartwarming Love story and interesting read

*****Reader Rating

Reviewed on Barnes and Noble online:

The Path Back To You, is a heartwarming story about a seemingly unrequited love that the books heroine, Sue Wolff has for her boss, the handsome widower Bob Bentley. I found myself immediately rooting for Sue and became totally involved in the pasison she feels for Bob, a passion which escalates even further duing a business trip to Japan. Here too, I found myself totally enthralled with the authors vivid descriptions of many of the sights in Japan. I felt immediately transported to that far away and exotic Country. Besdies the riveting love story, coupled with the aforementioned exotic location, the novel is also sprinkled with other wonderful characters, such as Bob Bentley's adorable daughter, Elena and Sue's co-worker, Lily, but what makes this book even more special is it's surpise climax. I enjoyed The Path Back To You and am now anxious to read the other two books written by Marilyn Spanier.

ISBN: 1-4241-5436-7
It can be purchased by the Publisher, PUBLISH AMERICA at:  It can also be purchased online at: or
It can also be purchased at all bookstores.
If it is not on the shelf, the store will be pleased to personally order it for you.




Interview with Linda from Fallen Angels (Click on 'Continued>>' below, to read)

Marilyn Spanier Interview

Today I have the opportunity to speak with Marilyn Spanier.

Hi Marilyn! I would like to take this time to welcome you to Fallen Angel Reviews! I can not thank you enough for leaving your busy schedule to visit with us.

Continued »

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